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TSS #015: Break Into Consulting: How to Choose Your Niche and Craft Offers

Oct 14, 2023

Read time: 3 minutes

When you choose to become an entrepreneur, speed is your best friend.

Revenue won't wait for grand launches or stockpiled inventory.

Every day, living costs add up, underscoring the need for swift income generation.

This is the power of consulting.

With just your phone and laptop, you're primed to offer expertise and service.

No wrestling with complex products or logistics.

Consulting epitomizes a streamlined startup approach.

Leverage your existing skills to sell solutions, sidestepping the hefty capital demands of other ventures.

If swift earnings are your priority, consulting is unbeatable.

But, embarking on a consulting venture often starts with a pivotal question:

"How do you choose the perfect niche to dive into the consulting world?"

Some may think they must be an expert in a particular niche from the get-go, but that's far from the truth—especially for those eyeing a spot in our exclusive Inner Circle mastermind.

In reality, many of our mastermind members start with no inkling of their consulting niche.

They may believe they need a niche and all the essential skills before joining the ranks.

But that's a misunderstanding of what our mastermind is all about.

Our mastermind is your guide in the niche selection journey and crafting an irresistible offer—this is the heart of our mission.

A common concern we often hear is, 'I don't know what my niche should be.' It's a valid concern, and finding your niche does take time.

We take our members on a step-by-step adventure to help them uncover their passions and potential niches.

Crafting Your Offer: The Art of Market Backwards

Creating an offer and having something valuable to sell can be a journey unlike what most expect.

Contrary to the belief that you need all the skills in your toolkit beforehand, we advocate for a 'market-backwards' approach rather than a 'skills-first' one.

In our mastermind, we guide our members to first delve into the market and identify a niche they're truly passionate about.

The initial focus isn't whether they can already provide assistance; it's about having genuine interest.

Once the niche is pinpointed, we dive into market analysis, engaging potential clients, and asking probing questions to uncover their most pressing pain points.

We aim to identify a widespread issue that resonates with the niche participants.

The pivotal question we then pose is, "Can we alleviate this problem for them?"

If the answer is yes, fantastic!

If not, we explore the possibility of learning how to solve that problem.

The critical aspect here is to identify the problem rather than already possessing all the skills.

Skills can be acquired and refined—knowing what to learn is the real challenge.

This is where our mastermind steps in, guiding individuals who might initially lack a niche, offer, or skills.

We help them find their niche, identify the problem, and reverse-engineer the necessary steps to learn and provide a tailored offering.

In essence, our mastermind facilitates this entire process, making niche selection and offer creation an achievable goal for anyone passionate about consulting.

Ready to Launch Your L&D Consulting Journey at Lightning Speed?

If you resonate with the idea that speed is the key to success in entrepreneurship, consulting is your avenue to swift income and impactful solutions.

As an aspiring L&D consultant, you have the potential to unlock this power.

Our exclusive Inner Circle mastermind is where your consulting odyssey begins.

Discover your niche, craft a high-ticket offer, and set your consulting business in motion—a streamlined, efficient, and highly rewarding journey.

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