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TSS #010: The L&D Consulting Equation: Forget Everything You Know

Sep 09, 2023

Read time: 4 minutes

Many budding consultants face a common challenge when they start their consulting journey: they lack a clear strategy to create value in the marketplace.

Devoid of a well-defined approach, they wander aimlessly, struggling to find clients, offer meaningful solutions, and achieve desired outcomes.

Traditionally, many consultants dive headfirst into the field without a precise plan.

They may try to cast a wide net, offering a plethora of services to a broad audience, hoping that something will stick.

This scattershot approach is a lot like tossing darts in the dark, and the bullseye proves elusive.

By targeting everyone, L&D consultants often end up hitting no one (with precision.)

Their services become generic, and clients may struggle to perceive the value in what they offer.

This lack of focus and specificity can be a significant hindrance to their success.

Introducing the L&D Consulting Equation:

This L&D Consulting Equation provides a clear framework for creating real value as a consultant.

Here's how it works:

1. Niche: Choosing Your Target Group

Defining your niche means aligning an industry vertical with an ideal client profile.

Your niche isn't just about an industry.

It's about addressing a specific painful problem for a select group, not competing generically.

In essence, your niche revolves around an ideal client profile and their desired transformation.

This focus sets you apart.

NOTE: By focusing on an industry vertical in the beginning you can differentiate yourself against the competition and quickly gain a foothold in the market.

Once you get traction and saturate that vertical, you can start to become more industry agnostic and problem specific — this is when you go more horizontal.

2. Offer: Crafting a Tailored Solution

Your offer should be a meticulously designed solution, service, information, or advice that directly addresses the identified problem within your niche.

Rather than creating a generic "one-size-fits-all" offer, base it on the actual needs and desires of your niche.

Consult with them to determine their current situation and desired outcome.

Keep your offer minimal in terms of time and resources while ensuring it's repeatable.

3. Result: Delivering Profound Value

When your niche and offer collide, it's akin to a chemical reaction.

The two interact, creating change and, ideally, a profound result.

The result should be the solution to your niche's problem and the fulfillment of their desires.

It should exceed their expectations.

Focus on delivering profound results in the shortest possible time frame, as this is what people truly desire.

Here is how it works with examples:

Niche 1: Early-stage Tech Start-Ups specializing in software development.

  • Problem: Facing challenges in attracting and retaining top talent during their growth phase.
  • Desire: Aspire to build a high-performing team and compete with larger tech firms.
  • Urgency: 8/10 

Niche 2: Mid-sized B2B sales teams in the technology sector.

  • Problem: Consistently missing sales targets and struggling to adapt to changing market dynamics.
  • Desire: Need to increase sales effectiveness and meet revenue goals in a competitive industry.
  • Urgency: 9/10 

Niche 3: Healthcare professionals, including doctors and nurses, in rural healthcare facilities.

  • Problem: Struggling with limited access to specialized training and falling behind in patient care quality.
  • Desire: Aim to enhance their medical skills and improve patient outcomes in underserved communities.
  • Urgency: 10/10

Offer 1: Streamline your onboarding process and mitigate early turnover to supercharge your team's productivity in 90 days.

  • Model: Onboarding process optimization with continuous support.
  • Economics: $6,000-$10,000/mth
  • Resonance: 9/10

Offer 2: Transform your sales team into top performers by implementing a data-driven sales training program.

  • Model: Sales training program with ongoing analytics and consulting.
  • Economics: $12,000-$18,000/mth
  • Resonance: 8/10

Offer 3: Revolutionize healthcare in underserved areas by providing accessible, advanced medical training through virtual simulations.

  • Model: Online medical training platform with continuous support.
  • Economics: $15,000-$22,000/mth
  • Resonance: 9/10

Result 1: Tech Start-Ups achieve a well-structured onboarding process, reduced turnover, and accelerated productivity, positioning them to compete effectively.

  • Complexity: 7/10
  • Possibility: 8/10
  • Timeframe: 90 days

Result 2: Sales teams consistently meet or exceed sales targets, adapt to market changes effectively, and generate higher revenue.

  • Complexity: 8/10
  • Possibility: 9/10
  • Timeframe: 6 months

Result 3: Healthcare professionals gain access to advanced training, leading to improved patient care and outcomes in rural communities.

  • Complexity: 9/10
  • Possibility: 9/10
  • Timeframe: 6-9 months

These examples demonstrate how applying the L&D Consulting Equation enables you to create tailored offers that truly resonate with your niche's needs.

The result is profound value for your clients and a clear path to success.

Recommended Action Steps:

Now that you understand the L&D Consulting Equation, take the following steps:

1. Choose Your Niche — Identify an industry vertical and ideal client profile with shared characteristics or needs. Ask yourself, "Who can I help most effectively?"

2. Listen to Your Niche — Engage with your chosen niche and uncover their painful problem and desired outcome. Understand their current situation and what they truly aspire to achieve.

3. Design Your Offer — Craft an offer that directly addresses the identified problems and desires of your niche. Ensure it's efficient, repeatable, and designed to deliver profound results.

4. Implement and Iterate — Put your L&D Consulting Equation into action. Continuously assess your niche's needs, refine your offer, and aim for profound results in the shortest possible time frame.

In Closing:

By applying this approach to consulting, you'll not only create more value for your clients but also set yourself apart in the L&D consulting landscape.

It's time to leave behind the "one-size-fits-all" approach and embrace the power of the L&D Consulting Equation.

Remember, the simplicity of the equation is where your success begins.

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