The Era of AI: Running With The Robots

TSS #005: The Era of AI: Running With The Robots

Aug 05, 2023

The pace of progress constantly accelerates, driven by waves of technological innovation.

Each breakthrough reshapes careers and industries overnight.

Adapting quickly unlocks opportunity.

The internet eliminated geographic limits on business and communication overnight.

First-movers capitalized to build billion-dollar companies at record speed.

The right person in the right online role could achieve in years what took decades offline.

The age of arbitrage

Next, global connectivity enabled new economic models like contractor arbitrage.

Mavericks didn't hire — they "leveraged" vast global talent pools on demand, paying a fraction of developed-world wages.

Companies like Uber, Airbnb, and Expedia scaled the arbitrage economy to the moon — playing matchmaker, raking in fees for every happy union.

Enter the AI disruption

Now, AI democratizes skills once hard-won over years of education and experience.

Though AI has been around for a while, recently tools like ChatGPT have opened up AI access, allowing anyone to potentially benefit from or be disrupted by it.

AI systems can perform a wide variety of tasks, though currently our ability to ask questions limits them.

Some decry these disruptions, but for those with vision they create possibilities unimaginable just years prior.

Early AI adopters gain instant leverage, able to accomplish more with less.

New niches and needs will emerge as AI advances exponentially per Moore's Law, displacing jobs but enabling new efficiencies.

A quirky dance for better ROI?

For learning and development (L&D) professionals, AI offers ways to expand expertise and service offerings. By leveraging AI, L&D consultants could efficiently develop and deliver training in ROI niches like:

- Technical sales training for complex products
- High-risk workplace safety
- Premium customer service experience
- Regulatory compliance
- Conflict resolution
- Crisis management
- Advanced professional development
- Workplace mental health awareness
- Cybersecurity training
- Healthcare and medical training
- Financial services compliance
- Executive leadership development

The coming AI disruptions are real.

Some see ethical quandaries, job losses, and downsides like privacy risks.

But for visionaries, the potential is huge.


Early AI adopters gain leverage to achieve more with less. However, we must steer its growth responsibly.

So approach the future pragmatically but optimistically.

Each leap makes the improbable possible. Though no one can predict what’s next, rest assured it will arrive faster than imagined.

The most promising niches likely combine cutting-edge technology with essential human qualities like empathy.

The moral?

These waves lift all boats, unlocking new potential.

Surf them skillfully and a boundless horizon lies ahead.

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