Inspiration For Your E-Learning

No hype, just ‘the’ Articulate Storyline project people ❤️

Inspiration For Your E-Learning

How to design e-learning that will have your clients singing your praises, for a long-time.

  • Without compromising instructional design
  • Without selling your soul to content dumps
  • • With creative choice-driven experiences
  • • So that you can focus on the work you love
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Ryan Martin

"In 2011, I made something that worked. It's called 'Broken Co-worker'. Since then, I've shared my secrets with lots of e-learning designers. They liked it, and now I made a new thing called, 'Broken Co-worker Back In The Office'. It's for designers, and it's easy to create. You can model it for your own work. I'm Ryan Martin, and I help people with e-learning."

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"Love that demo! I really like that it is not information heavy, which is what we struggle with explaining to our stakeholders. It creates a fun, interactive learning experience."
Zubeida Kudos, Learning & Design Advisor, ATB Financial

"Your demo is excellent and thought provoking. I like the way you handle the choices within the storyline.
Ken Brown, Lecturer, Letterkenny Institute of Technology

"I really like it. Different format and it really got me engaged.
Jesse Kramer, Senior Consultant, J.H. Cohn Consulting

"Thanks for sharing such a great example … That format has real application" to classroom teaching and problem solving exercises that could engage students’ interest and encourage deeper levels of thought."
Matthew Wood, Director of E-learning, Camberwell Grammar School

"… interactive and informative while keeping the learner attentive at all times."
Niloufer Thomas, Learning Consultant, Thomson Reuters

"Awesome module. Loved the interactivity."
Sanket Pradhan, Instructional Design Lead, Accenture

"I love it. So creative! … I’ve seen Articulate in action before, but this is by far the best example I’ve seen - well done!"
Karen Ludwig, E-learning Training & Documentation Specialist, Ottawa University

"…I’m going to share it with a few of my co-workers; not because they are like Emma (not all of them anyway!), but because the answer options and feedback are great, and it’s definitely a cool way to make e-learning fun. Thanks!
Lauren Wheeler, Content Developer Action Training Systems, Inc

"That demo was brilliant! I like how you applied a mix of styles, the text speech overlay was a nice touch. The whole production had a sort of marvel comic book feel to it. I loved it!
Andrew Somaih, Support Consultant, e2train

"…great blend of text blurbs, video and interactivity. This is what I love, when learning is made fun!
Victoria Manville-Kart, Instructional Designer / E-learning Specialist, Crisis Prevention Institute

"Excellent!!!! I love the interactivity!!!!
Connie Ledbetter, Training Coordinator/Administrator, Jet Professionals/Jet Aviation

"That was the best I have ever seen! Great job!! I loved the cartoon feel.
Dory L. Morris, MSIT, Training and Development, Instruction & Adult Learning Professional

"That was fantastic training! Loved the fun design."
Leslie Peters, Owner, Desert Bay Productions

"This was both effective and hysterical. Looks like you had a lot of fun making it!"
Mary Verrochi, E-learning Professional

"I will be using Captivate but I love what you did with Articulate! This learning module is relevant, educational, entertaining and engaging."
Tina Pettigrew, Instructional Design & Technology, Student

"I really enjoyed it and frankly felt challenged between my nice self who wants to help everyone and the right moves to extricate myself from Emma’s clutches… I really liked the final feedback! It was fun, artistic and kept me laughing!"
Kathryn Cunningham, Trainer Boot Barn, Inc.

"That was fun! I like all the options. And it’s so true, how do you handle those annoying bullying co-workers!"
Marianne Thrift, Graphic/Instructional Designer, TAT Design Group

"Brilliant use of Articulate! Definitely gives me some ideas!"
David Neal, Sr. E-learning Instructional Designer/Training Specialist, Argo Turboserve Corporation

"Great production … informative and entertaining. I love the video inserts; they get the point across without a great deal of text. That’s what instructional media should be. Way to go!"
Leslie Brown, Technical Writer, Hexagon Networks, Inc.

"Nice demo. I am inspired."
Phil Brown, Instructional Designer/Adjunct Professor, Lee University

"That was a fun demo about a fairly common and serious issue… I liked the strategy! Good work!"
Kriti Mishra, Project Manager, InfoPro Worldwide, Inc.