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Amazing community support

Dianne HopeLocation: Australia

Blown away by learning mechanics

Kirk WilsonLocation: British Columbia

REALLY having fun!

Teresa MorenoLocation: Switzerland

I just kind of did a drop into Storyline in a deep, deep, deep abyss. So I felt like it was actually deeper into Storyline on an advanced level, on a level where it's like, 'Oh, no, I can now manipulate and do what I want to do with it!'

Eva DanielsLocation: New York

Standing out from the crowd

Luis LarreaLocation: Ecuador

Expressing multiple talents

John TrupianoLocation: Hawaii

Unleashing creativity

Talvi ViiknaLocation: Germany

It's sort of a systematic process that you use, and you can follow it. You can follow it and build! So I just could see the possibilities. And I could see how it was scalable. So I knew also that that it was going to be a smart career decision for me moving forward.

Val MorganLocation: Michigan


Kristin AnthonyLocation: Texas

Relax into creativity

Don RickardLocation: Colorado

Heart and soul

Dennis O'ConnorLocation: California

It was a no brainer! Like I have to do this for the sake of my career because I want it to go well. I don't want to crash and burn as so many other people are talking about. So, that was the reason I joined.

Kimberly GohLocation: California

It's consructive feedback

Ian McDougallLocation: South Africa

You just have to do it

Allyson ScottLocation: United States

A valuable journey

Maria GomezLocation: Texas

Now I'm feeling I can approach people with these talks and have these conversations. And people are very open to them now. It's changed my world. It's such a better place to be because now you have that free rein and you're more confident in presenting these ideas.

Wyeth KrauchiLocation: Manitoba

Yeah, it was awesome

Trish MakowiakLocation: Wisconsin

This is a community

Praveena MitranLocation: United Arab Emirates

A community effort

Gav HerngLocation: England