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Dear Fellow Learning and Development Professional,

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Let Me Introduce You To Your Dream Team:

Michael Allen

Michael AllenPsychology of Motivation

Nicole Papaioannou

Nicole PapaioannouVoiceover Scripting

Karl Kapp

Karl KappGame Based Learning

Robin Sargent

Robin SargentEngagement Best Practices

Ray Jimenez

Ray JimenezSituational Learning

Britt Andreatta

Britt AndreattaNeuroscience of Learning

Austin Welch

Austin WelchIntrinsic Motivation

Clive Shepherd

Clive ShepherdEmotion & Humour

Hadiya Nuriddin

Hadiya NuriddinStory Design for Learning

Connie Malamed

Connie MalamedVisual Design

Moe Ash

Moe AshGamification

Tim Slade

Tim SladeE-Learning Design Aesthetics

Clark Aldrich

Clark AldrichShort Sims & Interactivity

Danielle Wallace

Danielle WallaceMessage Match

Bryan Jones

Bryan JonesScenario Design

Mark Spermon

Mark SpermonArticulate Storyline Immersion

Marina Arshavskiy

Marina ArshavskiySocial Media for Learning

Sergey Snegirev

Sergey SnegirevAuthentic Interactions

Mohsin Memon

Mohsin MemonGames for Learning

Mike Taylor

Mike TaylorMarketing Strategies

Betty Dannewitz

Betty DannewitzAugmented Reality

Robin Petterd

Robin PetterdDesign Thinking

Rued Riis

Rued RiisAnimated Video

Rance Greene

Rance GreeneStorytelling for Training

Shannon Tipton

Shannon TiptonTechnology & Learning

Jeff Kortenbosch

Jeff KortenboschBeyond Needs Analysis

Bob Mosher

Bob MosherWorkflow Learning & Support

Alexander Salas

Alexander SalasProblem Based Learning

Ant Pugh

Ant PughEngagement Strategy vs. Tactics

Zsolt Olah

Zsolt OlahAction Mapping

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Here Is A Small Sampling Of What You’ll Discover In These Learner Engagement Plans..

  •  You’ll dive into the “Action Mapping” approach that moves stakeholders from dull e-learning to scenarios and beyond… and gets them to become your SUCCESS case stories!
  •  You’ll get the in-depth secrets on how you can create short simulations!
  •  You’ll get million dollar agency trade secrets on the questions you must ask to drive game-changing results for your L&D organization!
  •  β€‹You’ll find out the 5-step framework that helps learners tap into what they need when they need it most!
  •  β€‹β€‹You’ll learn the “story spine” strategy that gives you complete control over the content subject matter experts share with you… so you get only the info you need!
  •  β€‹β€‹β€‹β€‹You’ll peek “behind the scenes” and see how one simple perspective allows you to boost the power of Articulate Storyline… and fundamentally change the way you design elearning!
  •  β€‹β€‹β€‹β€‹β€‹β€‹You’ll learn key strategies for how to skyrocket engagement through game mechanics without compromising business goals and learning outcomes!
  •  β€‹β€‹β€‹β€‹β€‹β€‹You’ll find out why adopting a “contrarian” viewpoint can actually improve the engagement of your learning solutions… and improve your worth in the eyes of the top management!
  •  β€‹β€‹β€‹β€‹β€‹β€‹β€‹β€‹The SPECIAL way to leverage new and current technologies and fuel learner engagement and retention… while keeping your project scope under control and costs down!

...And That's Just From A Fraction Of Our Featured Speakers!

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