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Skillagents was created to fight back against education that dumps loads of content on learners and uses technology for all the wrong reasons.

Stand out by learning in-demand instructional design skills online from real-world expert, and award winning e-learning strategist, Anna Sabramowicz.

This self-paced online course gives you the confidence you need to create innovative learning solutions in any situation, on any subject. Even if you’re new to the world of instructional design.

Anna will teach you an adaptable skill set that will open up some amazing doors and opportunities for your career.

As you progress through this course you’ll discover much more than tips and tricks, but a deeper, modern outlook on what it takes to make real learning happen.

These new mindsets can lead to massive results for you, and your learners.

Results like these:

Struggle No More
Meghan’s story

“Skillagents has been a great resource and professional development platform for my career. After graduating from college as a secondary education teacher I felt that I was highly prepared with teaching skills and techniques that would take me into any classroom.

But somehow my path went from teacher to corporate trainer/instructional designer and eventually led me to the world of e-learning.

Although I am a highly qualified as a teacher already, I felt like I needed something more in the field of online learning. I struggled with how I could engage learners without being face to face.

Then, I found Anna Sabramowicz. After enrolling in her course I feel like I have the foundation to move forward in my new e-learning career. I was even fortunate enough to land a job as a professional e-learning specialist while I was in class and I continue to use it in my professional career.

I find Anna to be a great mentor to her learners as well as a great resource to build amazing e-learning courses.”

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In This Course You Will Learn:

  •  How to intuitively design a course based on Active Learning, Collaboration, Mastery Learning, and Engagement – the four pillars of modern, learner-centered course design.
  •  The major difference between courses that leverage technology to actually enhance the learner’s experience, and those that let the technology get in the way and become a distraction (using technology for the wrong reasons is an epidemic problem right now!)
  •  Why it’s absolutely critical to become a highly adaptable educator (and how to do this), so you can not only keep up with the massive changes happening in both online and offline education, but benefit from them.
  •  How to develop a rock solid learner-centered design mindset which will be your reliable guide and foundation for any and all decisions you make when creating a learning experience from the ground up.
  •  The right way to design and leverage your course learning goals, using the Seven-Level Learning Goals Inventory. Make sure that every element of your learning experience has a real purpose and will provide tangible results for your learners and your organization.
  •  The massive opportunities that online delivery techniques give you to move away from a limiting one-size-fits-all teaching model, and how you can move towards a more individualized mentorship approach.
  •  A simple framework for evaluating your course while you’re still designing it, so you can be confident it will provide real value to your learners, promote behavior change, and engage your audience when it’s time for delivery.
  •  How to use mastery learning techniques to create addicting courses that leave no gaps in knowledge, and ensure a high standard of competence in every learner.
  •  The truth about why the content centered course is an obsolete design model today, and how to use real world context and simulations to create far more powerful learning experiences for your students.
  •  And much more…

“… my thinking has changed already! While developing a new course this week I am constantly questioning the old patterns, replacing content with guiding learners to the information and finding ways to get them to apply and practice the knowledge they gain. I wish all our teachers could experience the learning in this course, I think we are privileged.”
—Janet F., Skillagents Member

This IS for you if…

  •  You want to be more grounded and secure in designing effective learning solutions (you may not have formal training in instructional design).
  •  You work with staff or faculty who don’t have instructional design skills (they are content experts not design or edtech experts) and you want to feel confident you can help them create great training and courses.
  •  You’re spinning your wheels with efforts to get stakeholder buy-in for creative, innovative course design solutions. You need to improve your ability to persuade your company to leave their instructional design comfort zone.
  •  You want to learn more about how to design instruction—that meets the needs of different learners.
  •  You’re in transition or between jobs and you desire to be a full-time instructional designer. You want to learn and develop the skills that will cause potential employers to take notice.
  •  You see the opportunity to become a pioneer in this field, especially when there is a huge demand worldwide for modern instructional design (with the lack of skillful talent in the field).

Important note: There is no instructional design background required to participate and get a ton of value from this course. Anna has gone to great lengths to make sure the video lessons and additional resources are as clear and valuable to the absolute beginner, as the seasoned professional.

πŸ”“ Unlock Lifetime Access for $150 β†’

“I’m an experienced instructional designer/face-to-face and online educator, and I’m learning a ton from Anna’s course. Imagine if you could get it into the hands of all teachers. Every educator needs to take the SKILLAGENTS course!”
—Steve Gillis

“Simply put, Skillagents has changed the way I think about and build online education. The lessons, assets and templates have helped me create an effective approach to building engaging e-learning. It’s packed full of value and content is added regularly. I highly recommend Skillagents to anyone who works in education!”
—Aaron Timmer

The Skillagents Curriculum

Timeless instructional design strategies that work worldwide.

The core Skillagents curriculum comes in three Units.

ecover of the Skillagents instructional design online course

Each Unit is going to completely shift the way you approach course design. From the moment you complete Skillagents (and likely sooner than that), you’ll be able design a course with the right kind of engagement and with performance-based results.

No matter where you’re from and no matter what your level of instructional design experience is, get ready for a complete transformation in the way you design learning.

Anna spent years doing the heavy lifting for you, so you won’t have to guess what works and hope for the best… instead, you can just focus on building learning experiences that deliver.

Let us show you what you’ll learn in each Unit.

“… very fascinated how even only a few videos in, I’m really finding the course has shifted my thinking … I’m taking some training for work and already the content-focused style of their course is jumping out at me.”
—Abigail V., Skillagents Member

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Unit one graphic of the Skillagents Instructional Design Course

Set a solid foundation for your long-term success as a learner-centered educator.

In this Unit we’ll cover the big picture of the modern learning landscape: the problems facing traditional education and training, and the key to success today, for an educator of any kind.

The first lesson focuses on two key themes: adaptability and a learner focus. The second ‘bonus’ lesson will inspire you to set bigger goals for yourself, and broaden your idea of what’s possible in education today by opening your eyes to just a few of the enormous opportunities that exist all around you.

These lessons will help you stay pointed in the right direction as a learning professional, even as technology continues to cause massive and rapid changes to education as we know it.

In these lessons you’ll discover:

  •  Why the #1 key to success as an modern educator is adaptability, not specialized technology skills (and why you don’t need a bunch of money or a team of developers to design great learning solutions)
  •  The four central problems of traditional content centered courses and why they often fail to produce real learning or behavior change (the sad fact that this model is basically the standard today, opens up a ton of opportunities for designers who understand how to create learner-centered courses that consistently deliver results)
  •  Why there isn’t, and shouldn’t be, a hard line between offline and online courses (if you can think in this way about e-learning you’re going to hugely multiply your options, and success as an educator)
  •  Why knowledge and information alone are nearly obsolete today (and what really matters to learners and organizations instead)
  •  How the internet has created a ‘catastrophic’ change in education (and how you can continuously adapt to, and benefit from these changes)
  •  The ‘north star’ principle that will consistently guide you to make proactive, intelligent decisions about elearning software (even while you’re bombarded by new ‘shiny object’ solutions and marketing hype)
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The Mindsets

In this Unit, you’ll learn the powerful mental models shared by nearly all of best course designers in the industry.

A few mindset shifts will totally change the way you design courses from now on. These mindsets are counter-intuitive to how most courses are designed and delivered today.

You’ll also learn WHY a learner-centered approach is so important (many people don’t realize why until we show them).

When you internalize these mindsets, you’ll gain a high level of clarity on how to effectively use your course content, how to define your learning goals, and where to focus your time and energy to produce the best results for your organization, and your learners.

Unit two graphic of the Skillagents Instructional Design Course

In these lessons you’ll discover:

  •  Why over 90% of educators are trying to teach too much (or too much of the wrong things), how this bores and frustrates learners, and undermines the goals of a course (you’ll also learn how teaching less can lead to a smarter, faster, more effective course overall)
  •  How to use your content in the right way to create a learning environment that provides knowledge, skills, and attitudes that your learners can act on, instead of just dumping information on them (and a simple picture you can keep in your mind to instantly tell how well a course is using its content)
  •  How to design a course so your learners will continue to get value from it, even years after it’s over (yes, this is even possible with boring, technical, or ‘corporate-speak’ subject matter)
  •  Why the most well-designed course in the world won’t be effective without getting your learners to ‘buy in’, and how to do this (for course delivery, learner buy-in can be the difference between pushing a snowball down a hill, or pushing a rock up it)
  •  Why even your very best lectures are leaving major gaps in your learners’ knowledge, skills, and attitudes (research has proven this method of instruction has several fatal flaws, but most educators still use it)
  •  A powerful mindset shift to help you avoid some of the most common instructional design mistakes made in the planning stage (use this to get inside the heads of your learners and get ‘predictive feedback’ before your course has even begun)
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The ACME Patterns

Unit three graphic of the Skillagents Instructional Design Course

In this Unit you’ll be taught the underlying patterns of successful learner-centered courses: Active Learning, Collaboration, Mastery Learning, and Engagement.

Use these ‘ACME Patterns’ to help guide ALL your course design decisions.

The Patterns are Anna’s own award-winning recipe for transforming dry, static content into a value-packed and effective learning experience.

With straightforward explanations and in-depth case studies, these lessons will help you understand what to do, and what to avoid when adapting these mission-critical concepts to your own courses.

In these lessons you’ll discover:

  •  The six critical stages of learner-centered course design (this is a breakdown of the same process I use when creating any kind of course or learning solution)
  •  Why thoughtful and skilled course design will always beat a charismatic instructor, flashy learning activities, or a fascinating subject when it comes to engagement (if you want your learners’ engagement to translate into something worthwhile beyond your course… you’ve got to design for it)
  •  A simple mental framework to help you simulate nearly any real world scenario in an online course (I give you an example of how I’d do it for something basically impossible to teach online, so you can see that it is possible to simulate even complex ‘offline’ situations and problems over the web)
  •  Why progressive challenges and small wins are extremely important to build into a course (this is why some of the most ‘difficult’ courses out there are also the most fun and engaging, even addicting)
  •  How to use mastery learning techniques to achieve mentorship at scale, and as a cure for ‘one size fits all’ course design (want to give your learners a more customized experience that’s a perfect fit for their unique needs? The mastery learning pattern will show you how)
  •  How software marketing fools educators into creating awful learning environments (too many of us are looking for plug-and-play software solutions instead of focusing on what’s most important: our core learning design skills)
  •  How simply adding a bit of learner collaboration into a course can dramatically boost performance and reduce dropout rates by even more (as backed by scientific research, which I’ll share with you in the video)
  •  Why even some of the most engaging and ‘fun’ courses out there still completely miss the point of active learning, and don’t serve their learners (this one’s very important… way too many educators are fooling themselves when it comes to the word ‘engagement’)
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Janet’s story

“There is one word that sums up this course for me…that it is ‘achievable.’ In the past I have committed to courses, moocs etc. but with the demands of work and life in general, never finish them.

This course for me was like eating a box of chocolates, devouring small tasty morsels of learning when I felt like them…and regularly going back for more. I learnt so much from the course and was able to apply many of the ideas and concepts in my own online course development for automotive apprentices.

The bulk of learning through short videos meant that even after a late finish at work I was motivated to listen to one or two of Anna’s short video talks…achievable!! Responding afterwards with a post was a process which helped me to internalize the concepts and the skillfully written reflections questions enabled me to contextualise the learning to my work.

The variety, length and very high quality of the learning I experienced in this course combined with the superb support from Anna, made it an overwhelming success for me…it really made me think, question and change the way I provide training. I would highly recommend this course to anyone in the education space who wants to do a better job.”

Mobile ecover the the Skillagents instructional design course

Timeless Strategies

Throughout the course, you’ll learn research-proven fundamentals of learner-centered instructional design. Unlike superficial tactics based on the latest ‘shiny object’ software or technology fad, these strategies are 100% adaptable to a rapidly changing landscape, and will continue to produce results for your learners for years to come.

Money an issue?

For less than the price of a cup of coffee, just $1.15 per day, you can invest in your professional skillset just once, and have access forever. This is a fraction of the cost of other courses or conferences that can range from $1,000 to $5,000 or more.

Product Guarantee graphic

An Unbeatable Guarantee: Try Skillagents for 60 Days, 100% Risk Free

It’s simple: Join the course and try it for yourself. If these powerful mindsets, strategies, and tools don’t improve your course design skills in 60 days, I want you to email me. I’ll happily refund your money. (60 days is enough time to actually finish the whole course. So you can try out the ENTIRE product, and then decide if it’s right for you.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Elegant image of Anna Sabramowicz

A note from Anna

During my last 10 years as an instructional designer working and consulting with organizations like Sony, Rubbermaid, and Harvard University, I learned a whole lot about the big picture of instructional design and e-learning. A lot of this learning came through sweat, frustration, and trial and error. I made plenty of mistakes, and saw so many of my colleagues making the same ones.

It was a long road, but as my career progressed I started to see the underlying patterns behind what makes some courses successful and engaging, and others dry and ineffective.

Over time, more and more people started seeking me out for advice. They kept asking, so I kept talking.

Because I was lucky enough to have a few very good mentors at the beginning of my career, I was happy to return the favor by helping other educators out wherever I could.

But after a while, I wondered if I could make a bigger impact in the learning community. If I could reach more people, and share the insights I’d learned over the years in an organized, systematic way.

I thought back to when I was first starting in this area, in instructional design, in developing and running training sessions… I thought about what I wish I had at my disposal to help me make better decisions about what to design, for whom, and why.

I thought about what an ideal resource would look like for someone who really ‘got the message’ about what instructional design should be about (the learners!)

This resource didn’t exist, so I created it.

I call it Skillagents.

If you’re interested in taking your own, or your entire team’s instructional design skills to the next level, but aren’t sure if this course is a good fit, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Just shoot me an email at [email protected]

I’ll be able to quickly let you know if Skillagents can help you reach your goals as an educator. If so, I’m happy to welcome you to our growing tribe. If not, that’s just fine too, and I’ll do my best to point you in the right direction.

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