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Here you’ll learn: Who we help, What we do, our Philosophy, Story, and Team members.

Who we help

We work primarily with those in learning and development - instructional designers, e-learning developers, teachers, and course creators. They're passionate about their work, but struggle with engagement, design, and staying current. They've got the potential to take control of their careers, but need systems, tools, and guidance to do so.

What do we do

We help these growth-minded L&D professionals get their next big breakthrough, 10x business results, and create a colossal and lasting impact. We do this through two training resources — ”Elite Programs” and our “Inner Circle Community”. Our programs aim to increase: skills, confidence, and happiness. Our programs aim to decrease: Overwhelm, frustration, and stress.

Our philosophy

We help you strike the perfect balance between skills, confidence, and happiness. To achieve this balance, we follow a philosophy built on six core principles:

  1. Humility - serve, learn, and grow
  2. Simplicity - first principles, causes, and systems
  3. Client Obsession - we revel in our clients’ victories
  4. Long Term Focus - keep the mission the key focus
  5. Quality - make it share worthy
  6. Brutal Truth - even if it hurts, it helps
  7. Proactive Problem Solving - pursue & solve hard problems

Our story

Part 1. Leap of Faith: Pursuing the Dream of Engaging E-Learning

Anna Sabramowicz had a dream to create truly engaging e-learning experiences. In 2010, she took a leap of faith and left her corporate job to start her own freelance e-learning business from her small condo. She secured a few contracts, but soon realized that making e-learning truly engaging on her own was not as easy as she had thought. Determined to turn her dream into reality, she dove deeper into the world of learner engagement and learner-centered instructional design. Despite initial successes, the doubts about her chosen career path lingered in her mind, pushing her to work harder and never give up on her passion…

Part 2. Collaboration Sparks Innovation

Anna's husband Ryan, a former web developer and IT project manager, joined her in her e-learning business, bringing fresh perspective and skills to the table. As they worked together, they both shared the same realization that e-learning relied heavily on shallow engagement tactics. Anna, who had been tirelessly researching and learning about activity-based, scenario-based learning experiences, shared her insights with Ryan, sparking new ideas and possibilities, which Ryan found extremely intriguing. This newfound understanding brought Ryan and Anna even closer in their mission to create truly engaging e-learning experiences.

Part 3. The Beginning of a Successful Partnership

After completing their first e-learning project together, Anna and Ryan were more determined than ever to create truly engaging e-learning experiences. They talked endlessly about how to put things right, building e-learning experiences that truly captured learners' interest and inspired them to complete the course on their own. And as if fate had intervened, out of the blue they received an email from Tom Kuhlmann, the Chief Learning Architect of Articulate, inviting Anna to join their Storyline beta group. In 2012, they launched their first project "Broken Co-worker" with Articulate, marking the beginning of a successful partnership and the realisation of their vision. It was the moment when all the hard work, learning and determination came to fruition.

Part 4: Building a Business Foundation

Anna and Ryan's early success with Articulate Storyline brought them recognition and they were selected as one of only three preferred vendors. The influx of work referrals was overwhelming, coming in fast and steady. They struggled to keep up with the demands, but even more overwhelming was the diversity of industries and projects they were approached with. Their lack of business acumen caused them to make mistakes and miss out on opportunities, but it also taught them valuable lessons and the importance of having a solid business foundation. Despite the challenges, they never lost sight of their passion for creating engaging e-learning experiences and kept pushing forward.

Part 5: From Order Takers to Industry Leaders: Empowering E-Learning Professionals

Ryan had had enough of being just an order taker, doing work he didn't love. So, when he received a lackluster request for e-learning work from Adidas, instead of accepting it, he proposed something different. He went back to his roots of creating engaging, scenario-based e-learning experiences. To his surprise, Adidas said yes. Anna, seeing the potential in this approach, made a similar offer to another client and was met with the same positive response. They focused on their niche service offering for a few years, and eventually started coaching their peers on interactive storytelling. With the explosion of e-learning and remote work in 2020, they decided to empower other e-learning professionals to leave their 9-5 and attract their ideal clients, just as they have done themselves. This step forward was the culmination of years of hard work and determination, a logical next step in fulfilling their vision.

Our team

Ryan Martin

Ryan MartinCo-FounderCreates content, helps clients, and leads the business.

Anna Sabramowicz

Anna SabramowiczCo-FounderOnboards, coaches, and holds clients accountable to results.

Contacting us

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